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The 2014 QDDDR

December 13, 2010

I give the U.S. national security system a failing grade because of a gross resource allocation problem — Defense has too many people, too much money, and too much power, while Treasury, State, Security, and Justice have too little. There cannot be smart power (effective integration of soft andhard power) until State and Security are credible counter-weights to Defense.

One powerful move that would reduce the disparity between State and Defense from a 100-to-1 size imbalance to a 10-to-1 size imbalance would be deficit-reduction legislation to move 150,000 people from Defense to State. To accomplish this obvious, but politically difficult move, Congress could leverage a popular meme currently circulating in the national security system is the “three D’s” — Diplomacy, Development, Defense. The Quadrennial State Review in 2014 should be a Quadrennial Diplomacy-Development-Defense Review, or a QDDDR.

– Doug Orton, Senior Associate

This is from a series of posts by our staff in response to this question: What role should soft power play in 21st century national security?


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