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Tang: National security transformation can improve government effectiveness and spending

November 29, 2010

Outdated budgeting processes seriously hamper the ability of the national security system to conduct policy without wasteful and inefficient spending. From the $52 billion spent on Iraq War reconstruction to the sprawl of the national security system since 9/11, reports and studies have repeatedly noted the inefficiencies and costs from a scattered and ad hoc approach to national security spending. This occurs even as the U.S. recognizes a coming fiscal crisis, often deemed a national security issue by the nation’s military leadership. Even more troubling, the U.S. faces emerging national security challenges that are piling up as the government remains slow to anticipate and react. National security transformation has the potential to save billions while increasing the effectiveness of the government, and puts our institutions in a better place to deal with our fiscal issues.

– Rei Tang, Research Analyst

This is from a series of posts by our staff in response to this question: How can national security transformation contribute to fiscal responsibility?

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