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Langberg: Economic security IS national security

November 17, 2010

Secretary Clinton and Admiral Mullen have each recognized this fact, referring to the national debt as a pressing national security concern. Under this broadened scope of national security, national security transformation will enable a more strategic and long-term approach by institutionalizing capabilities such as scanning and long-term assessments of the strategic environment, as well as visioning and long-term strategy development.  Institutionalizing these and other much-needed capabilities on a whole-of-government basis would allow for a clearer picture of the strategic environment, wiser prioritization of our national security investment portfolio, and a stronger grasp of long-range impacts of near-term decisions—insights that could have gone a long way in helping to avoid the situation we are in today.

– Dan Langberg, Deputy Director for Interagency Teams and Planning

This is from a series of posts by our staff in response to this question: How can national security transformation contribute to fiscal responsibility?

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