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Locher: With the new Congress, we remain focused on our goals

November 3, 2010

I awoke this morning, like many, wondering what the future now holds in Washington.  More specifically, what changes might come from the altered composition of the Senate and House. Although PNSR is a transpartisan organization that does not align itself along party lines, we have taken on the task of helping to improve government efficiency, no matter what parties control our branches of government. So, while many are asking, “How will things change with a new makeup in Congress?” we simply remain focused on our goal of transformation from the stovepipe components of national security into an integrated, agile, and anticipatory system that operates as a unified, effective whole. Whatever the congressional makeup, the body will still need to adopt a whole-of-government perspective. PNSR has confidence that the “new” Congress will see the need to transform the national security system to meet the challenges of the 21st  century, and as always, stands ready to support.

– Jim Locher, President and CEO


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