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Gupta: Investments in collaboration halted threats, need further reform to get ahead of the next

November 2, 2010

The most recent attempts to inflict harm to U.S. persons and property by attempting to bomb the DC Metro and shipping explosives through air freight to a major U.S. city were thwarted by the combination of law enforcement and intelligence hard work and, most importantly, collaboration at many levels across continents.  Were it not for the investments made on information sharing, collaboration, training of and with allies, and ground presence in hot spots around the world, we would not have reaped the rewards of the tips that prevented possible catastrophic events.  As these events show, again, we cannot slow or short the investments and direction the national security community was given by Congress after the events of 9/11, to move beyond stovepipes to solve whole of nation problems.

More than ever, we must undertake a serious transformation of the national security community and accelerate the changes that were suggested and undertaken, to some extent, by establishing departments that integrate missions and capabilities.

While interesting, these small changes are not sufficient to innovate the government out of a Cold War stance to a 21st century governance, portfolio management, performance management, and organizational design that shifts the focus to an outcome-driven MODEL. These changes will take time but we must change faster than the enemy’s ability to adapt.

– Rahul Gupta, Senior Advisor/Partner, PRTM Management Consulting


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