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Locher: We need to adapt faster than threats can work around our safeguards

November 1, 2010

The attempted terror attack three days ago is a sobering reminder that there are still those who wish to harm Americans.  We should consider ourselves extremely fortunate that this plot was brought to light.  However, we must keep an ever-keen eye toward the security of our nation.  This is yet another example of the global reach of terror networks, and one that reiterates the need for effective whole-of-world, whole-of-nation, and whole-of-government efforts within the intelligence and security arenas.  As we move into an ever evolving and sophisticated threat regime, one that inevitably will find ways around technologies and safeguards that we implement, it becomes crucial to have a system that not only can handle threats as they arise, but that can adapt with the speed and agility of the threats they seek to counter.

– Jim Locher, President and CEO


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