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Series: How the next Congress can Secure America’s Future

October 26, 2010

PNSR staff explore how the next Congress help advance the national security transformation.

In our senior staff meeting yesterday, we talked about communications in PNSR 2.0 (more to come in the future). As a part of the discussion, the staff took took some time to write a response to this question: In which ways can the next Congress help advance the national security transformation? You’ll be seeing our staff responses in the next few days, and they will talk about other topics as we get closer to the introduction of many new initiatives. Stay tuned and do participate!


Nancy Bearg: The next Congress can start with people

John Depenbrock: Congress needs to show leadership

Rahul Gupta: We can spend better

Priscilla Enner: National security transformation can help us solve the big problems facing this country

Jack Gatesy: Hold hearings to raise public awareness

Jim Locher: Make national security transformation a priority

Senior Staffer: Congress needs to realize the importance of national security transformation and it needs to cooperate

Rei Tang: Keep up the momentum

Steven Trevino: Reinvigorate the National Security Reform Caucus

Wally Walters: It takes a nation to fix a government

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