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Gupta: We can spend better

October 26, 2010

First, Congress needs to agree that the current ways by which the National Security Community assesses threats, makes investment decisions, acquires products and services, and collaborates with our partners is behind the times.

Second, Congress needs to agree to help the Pentagon change by sponsoring innovative ways for the Pentagon to make decisions, buy products and services, and engage the totality of the private sector.

Third, Congress must work with the executive branch to make sure that US Citizens must have complete insight and transparency in budget and program decisions.

Finally, laws that promote good governance and rational spending should apply universally to the National Security portfolio.

– Rahul Gupta, PNSR Senior Advisor/ Partner, PRTM Management Consulting

This is from a series of posts by our staff in response to this question: In which ways can the next Congress help advance the national security transformation?

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