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Enner: National security transformation can help us solve the big problems facing this country

October 26, 2010

It seems that members of Congress haven’t grasped the full and radiant potential of the concept of “national security transformation.” Had they done so, they would have likely seized upon it as a key tool for making a significant difference in many of the problems the U.S. faces today. National security transformation is in large part an effort to synthesize an uncoordinated and unfocused government into a system that fully supports and secures its citizens not only in the traditional security arena, but also in other areas where huge problems are emerging: healthcare, job security, financial regulations, environmental security. Transformation also brings other key players from the private and public sector to the issue. As it stands however, it continues to be up to others to develop this needed work.

– Priscilla Enner, Special Assistant and Research Analyst

This is from a series of posts by our staff in response to this question: In which ways can the next Congress help advance the national security transformation?

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