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Bearg: The next Congress can start with people

October 26, 2010

The next Congress can make a difference in the security of this country. A new way of “connecting the dots?” No, not exactly.

The next Congress can invest in people — in the National Security Professionals who work every day in Washington and around the world.

In the 21st century, these professionals need to be trained and experienced in working across boundaries. Just as the world is globalized, with threats and opportunities ignoring borders, so must our national security planning and decisionmaking do that.

It’s people who do it, people who  are able to develop and carry out more successful approaches. And they have to do it in collaborative interagency and intergovernmental teams.

What can Congress do? Congress can pass legislation to create a system — with funding for adequate training and education — to enable growth of a National Security Professional cadre. We need them and they need a supportive system. It will make a difference.

– Nancy Bearg, Senior Advisor

This is from a series of posts by our staff in response to this question: In which ways can the next Congress help advance the national security transformation?

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